Helping your community starts here.

Print this and pop into letterboxes or on the doorsteps of your closest neighbours.

If you can lend a hand, you’ll be contributing to creating a safe, healthy and prosperous community.

You will be making a deposit in your community “trust” bank.

A free gift for today building a more connected and caring community for tomorrow.

You can help. You can make a difference. You can build trust. You can build community.

Print this out and distribute to your 20 closest neighbours.

Start today. Spread kindness not the virus.

A community update

Almost 500 hard copies of How I can help fliers have been distributed in 10 days. 8 March – 28 March. We have set up to a very local Facebook Group and have 142 members with 10 requests pending – we ask them to name their surburb to keep it local). There have been 1.2k posts, comments and reactions, and 2 events have kicked off – Front Yard Sunday Dinners and Friday Night Virtual Knock Off drinks. People are sewing face masks, decorating their fences in rainbows, putting out bears for bear hunts, a Seed Library has started (like the book libraries), sharing furniture to set up home offices, meeting neighbours they have never met, shopping for each other and supporting the local cafe which has turned into a corner store with eesential supplies.  One of the group has made a new downloadable and we are sharing it with you all as well in case other communities want to follow our lead. Here is a picture of one of our community, Annie, sharing the love that was reported on the ABC news! #smartcitizenry

Want to do more to help?